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STARS ON THE INTERNET is a small sole proprietor online STARS training business run throughout the state of Washington. The STARS Certified Instructor is Elizabeth Bakke, M.M.


Elizabeth has an extensive background in Child Development and Child Care.  She holds a Bachelor's Degree from Central Washington University in Music, a Master’s Degree from the University of Washington in Music, and a WA state ECE Initial Certificate.  She has been training teachers and coaching school directors since 2010 and has run her own preschool in Seattle since 2008.  Other teaching and coaching roles include music, adoption, parenting, health, drama, and working with disabled adults.

Elizabeth and her husband Eric have been happily married since 1998, and have four beautiful daughters.

Please click this link and enter my name (Elizabeth Bakke) to certify I am an official Merit Trainer.


Elizabeth at her preschool

Online Class


We pride ourselves in being able to offer top quality STARS classes to Child Care Providers that are too busy, live too far away, have young children of their own, or are just too tired to attend in person classes. 


Our classes are available WHENEVER & WHEREVER you happen to have time to work. Our courses are available 24 hours a day - seven days a week. You may register at anytime, classes are ongoing and can be started at any time and are completed at your own pace.


Strong since 1999.  23+ Years Strong.

STARS ON THE INTERNET began in 1999. We were one of the very first groups to go through the STARS “Training the Trainer” program and were the very first Internet STARS training program available in Washington state. We work closely with WAEYC & STARS to develop courses that improve Child Care in the State of Washington. 


Each year  we have increased our class offerings by developing and setting up new courses that are of interest to our Child Care Providers and that are within the STARS guidelines.


From the very beginning, every "STARS on the Internet" class participant has filled out an evaluation form at the end of each and every class. If you would like to ask about us or our training record please call the MERIT program at the Washington State DCYF office. We have now trained and certified thousands of Child Care Providers throughout the state. Sample evaluation comments are listed below.


In 2020 we were awarded the "Best of the Best" small businesses in Spokane. We won for Adult Education Schools that included Online as well as Brick & Mortar!


Student Comments:

  • "This was a really informative and interesting course on brain development.  I learned so much from it.  I always enjoy the classes I take on this website." 
    ~Katie L. - Burlington, WA 

  • "I liked the course and the ability to communicate with the instructor when I felt like I needed to! I also appreciated the prompt and efficient responses I always received." ~Laura V. - Camas, WA

  • "This course was well presented. The text and assignments seem more succinct and direct than in the past. I greatly appreciate the efforts you put in to continually create a satisfying learning experience." ~Holly H. - Brier, WA

  • "Thank You-Thank you-Thank you for creating such wonderful classes that I can work on at home on my own schedule! I have small children of my own and it is a joy to be able to complete my STARS class each year on-line. This is my fourth class and I have learned so much. Keep them coming." ~Claire W. - Seattle, WA

  • "This is the best STARS renewal class I have ever taken. I will continue to use only STARS on the Internet in the future."  ~Juanita K. - Spokane, WA

  • "This class (Administration) was easy to follow and had a great number of suggestions and thoughts on how to improve your Childcare. I loved the ideas and have already started to implement them into my portfolio." ~Kim K. Bothell, WA

  • "I thought the knowledge and information provided in this class (Pre-Science Skills) was excellent! It was easy to read and follow along. The science examples in the lessons will be very interesting and easy for my students. I have gathered so many new ideas for science that I am looking forward to sharing with my students."  ~Beth R. Shoreline, WA

  • "I felt this class (Facilities & Classroom Set-up) was great and met all the needs I was looking for. It also was great to go through my existing program and make sure everything was as it needed to be. Thank you!" ~Brittany V. Puyallup, WA

  • "I wasn't too thrilled with the thought of having to come home after work and complete these online assignments (Pre-Reading Skills). BUT, I actually really enjoyed the format and the readings! I liked that things were broken down into several assignments, instead of one big assessment/test. I also liked being able to work at my own speed. Additionally, the layout of the reading was quite nice. I enjoyed the "teacher talk" ideas and the bullet points as opposed to reading paragraph after paragraph of information. THANK YOU!" ~Megan R. Seattle, WA

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